Building Customer Loyalty In Your Restaurant

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Imagine if your customers return only once a week or monthly, how much your sales and profits will increase. Your sales will increase by 50%. Getting your existing customers to visit more often is easier than you think. In fact, unlike potential customers who have never eaten at a restaurant, his current customers have already tasted his food and services, so you trust. Here are seven strategies your customers come back to time.

Use the “retirement guest” coupon

Imagine if you had a full night, you really had to reject the customers at the door. Of course, this is the dream of all restaurant owners, because it means huge profits. However, for those unfortunate customers who cannot get a table, your dreams come true and you may be disappointed. Instead of returning empty-handed, give them free coupons or discounts or Wolt Rabattkod on their next visit. Remind them to call in advance so they can reserve a large table for their next visit.

Reward advice

People rarely do anything for the world today, but when customers talk to others about their restaurants, they will help them and look forward to any return. You can surprise them by rewarding their efforts. Send them a free meal, a discount coupon (Wolt Rabattkod 2018), a V.I.P card (immediate seat) or other certificate of appreciation for the sample. They are more likely to continue to spread the word.

Mail “thank you” note

Everyone likes to hear “thank you” from time to time. So when customers do positive things for your business, be sure to show them what you like. Recommending new customers or bringing together large groups is just two reasons why you should send a personalized thank you letter to your valued guests.

Use the backboard

Returning a certificate is the reason why customers are encouraged to come back to visit again when they visit. For example, if a customer orders a takeaway, he can eat with the meal. You can also use a recovery certificate to handle small customer complaints or apologize to customers who don’t want to wait for a busy night. Your certificate can be offered free of charge, with a percentage discount (Wolt Rabattkod) or another special offer to attract customers to your institution.

Play continuity game

Have you ever wondered why children’s meals in fast food restaurants are still being sold? Part of the reason is that children like to collect all the toys that accompany the meal. You can also use this to benefit adults. For example, you can use the book editor to create a series of five cookbooks. Your customer will receive one of Β£5 after each dinner or takeaway. To restore the whole, they will have to eat five times in the restaurant.

Let your customers give you their opinions

Who is better than a real customer to tell you what you are doing well and what needs improvement? Talk to them and let them give you valuable advice. Don’t worry, asking the customer’s opinion will not scare him. In fact, it will increase your loyalty as it shows that you value the quality of your experience in the restaurant. Use questionnaires, suggestion boxes and comment forms.

Start club dinner often

A frequent catering club offers guests the incentive to return to the restaurant more frequently without dining elsewhere. Customers receive rewards for coming back often. For example, some restaurants offer cards to customers and the cards are sealed each time they are purchased. When the card is full, customers can dine for free. If customers know they want to get free food, they are willing to wait for longer tables and travel farther.