How To Choose A Solar Powerbank?

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Be insightful in your search. Sometimes it’s worth spending a few extra pennies on a famous brand.

Quality of solar panels

The larger panels are not as portable as these pocket panels, but are well worth the extra weight to charge our phones to the field. We recommend buying a separate external battery power bank, almost any 5000-15000mAh battery will do the trick.


A 4 or 5-watt panel works great for small portable devices , such as a cell phone or a simpler mp3 player. However, many smart phones like the iPhone, especially the latest models are extremely energy hungry, almost as much as an iPad or a tablet. In general, you need at least one 7-watt board to be sure you can charge most smartphones .

Internal battery

Some solar charging devices include a battery so you can leave your camera unattended in the sun for hours, charge the battery, and then plug in your devices at night when. These solar kits lead the charge on the effective personal solar charge.

Weight and size

If you buy a portable solar panel for travel or hiking, low weight will be a high priority. However, if you are looking to feed a base expedition camp, your needs will be completely different. When comparing weights, be sure to compare apples to apples. Sometimes, manufacturers indicate the weight of the panel only. Other times, they list the weight of the panel and all the accessories. A little research goes a long way.

USB connection

The solar charging market has fully adopted the modern obsession with smartphones and tablets. Most panels and power banks you find will have one or two USB ports, sometimes with different amperages. This is fine if you only charge a phone, tablet, camera, or other device with a USB power bank. However, if you want to charge something that only connects to a wall outlet, the only way to charge it would be with an inverter. USB is the easiest way to charge your devices with a solar panel.

Ease of use

A required feature of any good powerbank solar is what the industry calls “automatic restart technology” . Some panels always stop charging when a cloud passes or someone walks in front of your panel, and will not reboot without you disconnecting and reconnecting. Also pay attention to awkward configurations, excessive adapters and ropes. Make sure you think about your needs and match them to the device you choose.

Smart charge

Also keep in mind that some panels have features such as eyelets that allow them to hang from a backpack, tent, or tree, and others may be chained to other panels in order to generate more power. These features add to the utility of the products.


The easiest way to determine the value of a solar panel is the price per watt. Take the price of the panel and divide by the number of watts. For example, if your sign costs $ 70 and is 7 watts, it’s $ 10 per watt. Look for the good value for money. Something over € 20 per watt is too expensive unless the panel also comes with valuable accessories, batteries or inverters.

Keep an eye out for imposters in the field of powerbank solar, and be sure to do some of your own research before buying solar panels online. Keeping an open eye on website design and product descriptions has also proven to be a good indicator of the overall quality of the product.