Pregnancy Massage Therapy

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Expectant mothers are a stressful person who must cope with the growing pressures in society and the workplace. However, you also know that your health is essential, especially during pregnancy, if you want a simple birth and the birth of a happy and healthy baby.

In addition to traditional health services, this increased awareness has led to the search for alternatives. Massage therapy during pregnancy (Javanese massage) is one of these alternatives. It has great therapeutic value because it improves muscle and joint function, improves blood circulation, and relieves physical and mental fatigue.

Massage during pregnancy can be prenatal, Postnatal or at birth, but many people recommend a pregnancy massage only during prenatal and Postnatal massage to indicate a few days after delivery.

In prenatal massage, massage is designed to reduce the inconvenience of pregnancy and improve the physical and emotional health of the mother and fetus. A relaxed mother also contributes to the development of healthy and healthy fetuses. In addition, the massage helps to strengthen and prepare the muscles that are useful for the natural administration process.

Many women are worried about the long delivery process. However, many people want a drug that is as natural as possible and does not use an epidural drug or any other type of drug. During work, massage techniques can shorten the delivery process and alleviate pain and anxiety.

The purpose of Postnatal massage is to adjust the body of the new mother, reduce water retention, help the body to restore balance and shape. It also helps rejuvenate and rejuvenate the new mother, thereby improving her ability to stay in touch with her baby.

If a pregnant woman is suitable for a massage or any other alternative therapy that I would like to try, I should always consult her doctor. The overall goal is to achieve a good mental state, good physical health and a wonderful birth experience!

Massage during pregnancy, also known as prenatal massage, is very effective in treating body aches and discomfort during pregnancy. Massage always allows you to relax while also counteracting emotional stress. Here, I want to remind you. Prenatal massage is not possible. Specific techniques are used to massage pregnant women, and if done poorly, it may cause complications.

Prenatal massage is different in many ways from normal massage. First, the masseuse must be familiar with the female body and pregnancy to avoid accidental injury to the fetus. The positioning of expectant mothers is critical to the safety of the mother and the fetus. Remember that pregnant women must be supported by pillows and other cushions to ensure comfort and avoid excessive stress. The clothes you wear are entirely dependent on the level of comfort you share with the therapist. It is not recommended to wear tight clothing.

Several formal techniques are available for massage during pregnancy, such as Eastern and Swedish techniques. Neuromuscular massage during pregnancy is also very popular. Qualified personnel can safely perform these massages for women with the primary goal of relieving discomfort and improving blood circulation.

There are several benefits to a massage during pregnancy like Javanese massage. First, they provide general body relaxation and peace of mind. They also relieve stress in painful joints such as the knee joint and often reduce the level of anxiety associated with pregnancy. Women who are about to give birth to a few babies can benefit more from these massages. Another benefit is that prenatal massage can reduce the risk of stretch marks after pregnancy.